Friday, May 11, 2007


I have posted images from a workshop in Minnesota. It was a wonderful class full of talented artists . Following is just a sampling of techniques from participants.

Below...Joyce and Lori playing with texture

Tissue paper collage

Scraps of materials from table of Joyce Francis.

Textured leaf surface

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Metal Collage techniques

A few more techniques. I'm sorry I don't remember whose projects these were ...for those of you in the workshop who recognize your work let me know so I can credit you ....

The first is a leafed and textured piece...imitation gold and silver leaf over a textured background of gesso.
I usually have the class do this in real gold and silver as it makes a stunning presentation.

The following is a start for a tissue paper collage.

Abstract acrylic play with gold foiling

Another beautiful Patina on leafed surface by Lynn Ohlhorst....

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Raw patinas

Here are a few examples of some raw patinas on leafed (imitation gold and silver leaf) papers. They make wonderful backgrounds or papers to be torn for collage. I'm facsinated with the rich colors and random blotches of gold and silver peaking through. never know what you will get. That element of surprise and wonder is what excites me ..

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Curve-Billed thrasher on saguaro

The day before I headed East, I took these shots of a Curve-billed thrasher on the blossoming Saguaro.
I usually leave before the Saguaro blooms so I was very excited to see this display. The early heat brought the desert alive earlier this year. I was also able to see the beginnings of the dusty purple wash from Ironwood trees......

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