Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Conference Photos

Here is the campus of the Lake Shawnigan School.
Lush and peaceful.

Some plants by the lake where I found some stinging nettle!

An earlier version of my exhibit piece

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

workshop photos

Marilyn Boechler

Lela Linnenkohl

Nancy Hills

Not sure??
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People Pics

nancy and marilyn

Nona, JoAnne and Lily, Lela and Sandy

From left, Jeri Wright, Sandy Doerr, Mary Ann Follmer, Victoria Pittman, Nancy Hills, JoAnne Powell, Diane Foster, Helen Hu, LilyStevenson, Teresa Harpster
Front: Lela Linnenkohl and Cheryl Tasaka
Missing from photo...where WERE you??? (Must have been taken on that really l o o o o n g day) ... Nona Mari, Mary Dee Tebbetts, Sharron Emerson and Marilyn Boeschler.

JoAnne, Vicky, Lily and Charles Stevenson
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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Morning set up

We began the morning with some inspiration. I made some wee bud vases from Maine sea glass and filled them with grasses and berries. We worked on grasses in ink on the first day.
I made small brushes from a whisk broom and provided background papers of gold and silver leaf and assorted asian paper..... I always love the anticipation of the first day ...

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