Monday, April 16, 2007

Rough day

Here a tarantula hawk
is hauling off a tarantula to it's nest. Read about the fascinating drama of these species
In getting the picture, at one point, I was clearly annoying the tarantula hawk wholeft the spider for a bit to a buzz and advance toward me . I backed off quickly They have a nasty sting. ...He was really defending his prize and was not to be deterred.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The desert comes alive!

It was a beautiful windy day so I thought I would go out on a good hike while the weather was cool.
Good thing I did, I would have missed a lot!

On the way up the mountain (Trail to petroglyphs ) I ran into these two amazing desert dwellers. At first I thought this snake was innocuous, remembering something about "red against yellow killing a fellow" so ..hey, no yellow, I'm good. What I learned later is that it could be yellow or white! The distinguishing factor here is the black head extending past his eyes .
Yep...An Arizona Coral Snake.
The head and mouth being so small though, unless someone is just being really stupid and handling the snake, the chances of being bitten are rare. Just the same, it was a thrill of the day.

The landscape pic is right around where I saw the snake.

Another great find was a collared lizard. He was very accomodating in his posing for me. I was able to get pretty close.

Great day outside. Now the wind is really whipping up .

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Cherry blossoms and Nyla

These blossoms were out in full in Oregon. We looked out our window to these masses of pink and white. I thought the picture of Nyla (Johanna's cat) went perfectly with them.

She is very beautiful in the bookcase

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Bandon, Oregon

On a recent trip to Oregon the guys played golf at Bandon Dunes golf course while I walked the beaches in the area gathering collage material for my workshop as well as inspiration.

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